NCI - Employees, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers NOT PAID

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Employees have not been paid for two and a half months.Roofing contractors have not been paid for their last four jobs completed.

Painters and Drywallers have also not been paid for their last three jobs. All suppliers for materials have not been paid anything since June. Gas bills, phone bills, internet, rent, insurance on business, vehicles and payments for leased vehicles are all three months behind.

We highly recommend anyone considering or currently dealing with Netherton Construction to do your research on this company before signing anything or giving them any money to do a job.Please watch yourself!!

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NCI ripoff after May 22nd, 2011 Tornado in North Mionneapolis!

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Netherton Construction, Inc.

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After the May, 22nd 2011 Tornado in North Minneapolis, we had Netherton Construction work on our house.They not only did crappy work, they damaged our appliances and floors, messed up our asphalt driveway with a bobcat and refused to accept responsibility for it, had a dumpster for another project parked in our driveway, thus damaging our driveway further, used our 2 wheel cart and "Lost" it, left trimwork undone or poorly installed/re-installed, and rooms unfinished.

John Netherton whined about how much money he was paying out of his pocket beyond what was alotted by insurance. Yet, we watched materials that were purchased for our property, by our insurance claim, being taken to at least one other project that we are aware of and the rest went ???? John hounded us for payment and PROMISED to do right by us. We found that his word is worthless.

He LIED and sent Mike Lathrop to brush us off instead. (John picked up his last payment from us and ran off to Hawaii for his honeymoon and leaving his broken word behind) BEWARE!! They take your money, do sub-standard work, and run!!

Yes, I have called John Netherton a liar and I stand by what I have said!

They have been given 7 months to resolve our issues and have not done so.Our next step is to take NCI to court.

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I agree. They are cheats.


The owner is a convicted felon and a drug addict.They watch the weather and then door to door salesmen come and try to sell you their services.

Then they do the minimum and disapear.Buyer beware !

Netherton Construction (NCI) Rochester, MN

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Horrible company.They do shotty work, make a mess and do not clean up after themslelves.

It is obvious they do not take care with your property and their bottom line is taking your money and running. The owner has apparently, according to many local rumors, been removed from many local contracting companies based on his unprofessional manners. This company claims that they will work with your insurance company to get results where this is simply not true. THey are going edoor to door in local areas preying on innocent families whose home does not require immediate attn.

They are not even a memeber of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Review about: Shotty Work.



Karma is a ***, isn't John?!


What is left?Not even a pot to *** in!


DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT have this company work for you!We had our roof reshingled and paid in full.

Now the supplier is putting a lien on our house for the shingles which was supposed to be paid by NCI in our contract. They assured me they would look into it. Latest response is a disconnected phone number!

Everything everybody said in these comments are true. I wish I would have read these earlier.

*** is as *** does!Shame on these guys!


We also contracted with NCI for a new GAF roof on our house and garage.The job was completed and paid for in full in August.

We are also receiving notices from the materials provider (Milwaukee Insulation Plus) threatening to put a lien on our home.

We're contacting a lawyer since John Netherton has not returned any of our calls or messages in two weeks.I hope other families do not put their trust in them like we did; and, for those of us who have I hope we can find justice.


What a joke of a company.So disappointed in quality of workman ship, most of all how Mr.

Netherton runs his company.

Do not recommend to any proud home owner.I would not be surprised if the company is ran into the ground in 6 months.


Netherton Construction is not the company I would hire to shingle my house or anything else for that matter.The man does not keep his word,he's a pushy contractor, he is always demanding you sign a Contract,then he doesn't keep to the contract.His employees push that contract.Netherton hires idiots to do the job,this man only wants your money.I have heard from people that he does a shoddy job. I will look else where for a decent contractor who has morals.This man does not!!!


NCI contracted to put a new roof on my home.Even though they were paid in full over 3 months back they are yet to pay the shingle supplier.

Now I am getting letters from the shingle supplier threatening to put a lien on my home!I am still talking to NCI to have them pay the shingle supplier.

Needless to say, this has been a horrible experience!

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Do you have their contact number and address? I have taken them to court and have a judgment against NCI. I need that information so that I can proceed with the collections. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm also taking the roofing materials supplier to court to get the overpayment amount on the materials back. The materials companies who supply NCI is part of the problem. Please contact me if you'd like to compare notes and the steps that were taken to try and right the problems across many of the companies involved in the scam that NCI is doing to homeowners.



We had NCI come to our home to do a proposal on a garage roof. They did a wonderful job & Very Professional. Yes, they were hired, Yes, they did a Great job..Thanks guys.....

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The owner John Netherton is a convicted felon and a drug addict. You don.t want him on your property.


This guy is a rip off and a drug addict along with his employees. Not happy with my service from them just door to door people.


i will say that this is a joke i am john netherton and this is the next thing to slander i have ever saw fell free to call me and ask for references i have more the person that is on is a liar 507 272 4288 please call me if you feel that we have unfinshed buisness that is my cell i will handle any concerns you may have if i have not all ready or send us a letter to 315 elton hills dr rochester mn 55901


Well they removed snow from my roof as well and damaged my shingles.John Netherton is a joke of a contractor - the one to hire if you want bad work and have to go hire someone else to fix it.

He used to work for other companies and was forced out.

Do research people!He has no principals, no ethics, and only after money.


:) we had NCI clean the snow off our roof this winter.When called they came that afternoon and the owner was even there to supervise.

Great work at great price!we appreciated the great job...

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